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Orlando Pallet Solutions is a renowned company in Orlando, Florida that offers businesses a hassle-free and efficient solution for managing their pallet needs. One of the benefits of our service is the option to leave an empty trailer at your dock, which we will promptly pick up and replace within 48 hours. This helps streamline your pallet handling process and reduces the need for frequent deliveries or pickups.

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Our used pallets come in various grades, depending on their condition – from almost brand new to needing several repairs. Despite being pre-owned, these pallets often have a higher weight capacity and are more durable than new ones due to less trapped moisture. At Orlando Pallet Solutions, we prioritize quality and strive to create a good impression with our clients. We also have a wide selection of recycled pallets available in different designs to prevent damage.

Variety of Uses

Our lumber pallets are the ideal choice for use in storage rooms and for loading purposes. They are made from premium materials to ensure their durability and reliability. Both residential and commercial customers can benefit from using our wood pallets due to their strength and endurance. Keep your supplies safe with our high-quality pallets.

Quality Control & Durability

Our wooden pallets are the perfect addition to your storage room, providing extra protection and secure loading for your supplies. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure that our pallets are the strongest and most reliable on the market. Both commercial and individual customers can benefit from the durability and longevity of our wood pallets.

New Options

At Orlando Pallet Solutions, we are able to meet your specific needs by creating custom pallets to your specifications. We can accommodate the delivery requirements of your items, regardless of their size, type, or weight.

Used Pallets

If you are looking for top-notch used wood pallets, we are the go-to choice. For years, we have been providing the pallet industry with excellent options.

Recycled Pallets

Our recycled pallets are the most reliable choice for cost-effective and functional features. Each recycled pallet we provide has been thoroughly inspected, graded, and repaired if necessary before delivery.

Our Solid Service

Orlando Pallet Solutions is the leading supplier of reconditioned used pallets in Orlando, Florida. We use advanced technology and modern equipment to achieve the desired geometric shape with the help of specialized software. Our pallets are always in excellent condition, even after reuse, thanks to our dedicated and collaborative team that ensures timely delivery. Our 24-hour service is available to you any day or time.

Our passionate and resilient team at Orlando Pallet Solutions is always ready to provide exceptional supply chain solutions with a commitment to excellence throughout Florida. We prioritize reliability and trust, enabling us to fulfill our vision and goal of providing reliable solutions. At our company, we strive to improve the lives of our clients, vendors, and employees every day.

Why Used Pallets?

Orlando Pallet Solutions offers a cost-effective alternative to expensive new pallets due to the current shortage of lumber and high demand. Our recycled pallets not only save you money, but they are also environmentally friendly as they reduce carbon impact. We have a wide selection of recycled pallets available in all shapes and sizes, just like new ones, and we can customize them to fit a variety of applications and warehouse configurations.

Our team of pallet experts provides top-quality grades and strict quality assurance for every single pallet, ensuring that you can trust in the quality of our products.

Huge Variety

In Orlando, Florida, we have a large inventory of used pallets in various styles, sizes, and dimensions, both large and small.

At Orlando Pallet Solutions, we strongly believe in and support the concept of using recycled pallets to protect our planet from excess waste. We have a large inventory of refurbished pallets to meet demand, even if you need a large quantity. We prioritize using resources efficiently and conserving wood for future generations to increase efficiency.

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We are committed to providing fast delivery and personalized service to meet all your pallet needs, with attention to detail and food-grade standards. Our consistent supply chain ensures that we never run out of pallets. Contact our reliable team to see how we can fulfill the pallet needs of your business in Orlando, Florida.

In our inventory, we stock reconditioned pallets to meet demand, even if you need a large quantity. We believe in using resources efficiently and conserving wood for future generations to increase efficiency.

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In Orlando, all used pallets must be in good condition for safety. Faulty pallets can be hazardous, which is why we only source from local producers and provide a market for their products. Our new and used pallets are in high demand constantly. Contact us to get high-quality and durable lumber pallets at an affordable price in Orlando, Florida.